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Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims

A City of History and Heritage

Reims, a city deeply rooted in history and heritage, invites travelers to delve into its rich tapestry of architectural landmarks and vibrant cultural attractions. Once the coronation city of French kings, Reims exudes an aura of grandeur as a historical crossroads. Its medieval heart captivates with stunning Gothic architecture, including the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's rich past is further reflected in the Palais du Tau, a former archbishop's palace that now houses a museum dedicated to the coronation ceremonies held within its walls. Reims is a true testament to the enduring legacy of France's cultural and historical heritage, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an immersive journey through time.

An Architectural Masterpiece

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of its time. Its Neo-Gothic design, with its intricate stone carvings, pointed arches, and soaring spires, evokes a sense of awe and grandeur. The library's exterior is adorned with unique features, such as gargoyles that seem to watch over the city below, and a rose window that casts a colorful glow into the interior.

Inside, the library's vaulted ceilings, ribbed arches, and stained glass windows create a breathtaking atmosphere. The symbolism of Franco-American friendship is woven into the very fabric of the building, with the American flag prominently displayed alongside the French tricolor. The library's architecture is not just a visual masterpiece but also a representation of the strong cultural ties between these two nations.

Exploring the Collections

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims houses an impressive collection of over 200,000 books and documents, spanning a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Visitors can delve into a treasure trove of literary works, historical accounts, scientific studies, and much more.

Of particular note is the library's collection of rare and valuable manuscripts, which include medieval manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts, and early printed books. These precious artifacts offer a glimpse into the past and provide researchers with invaluable insights into the history of the written word.

The library also boasts a number of special collections, such as the American Corner, which houses a comprehensive collection of American literature and cultural materials. This collection is a testament to the strong ties between France and the United States and serves as a valuable resource for scholars and students alike.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is not just a repository of books; it is a vibrant cultural hub that hosts a variety of events and activities that celebrate and promote local culture. From engaging exhibitions and workshops to educational programs and partnerships with local organizations, the library offers a rich and diverse cultural experience for visitors of all ages.

One of the highlights of the library's cultural offerings is its regular series of exhibitions and displays. These exhibitions showcase the work of local artists, photographers, and historians, providing a platform for them to share their creativity and insights with the community. Past exhibitions have explored topics such as the history of Reims, the region's culinary traditions, and the works of local authors.

In addition to exhibitions, the library also hosts a variety of workshops and educational programs throughout the year. These programs are designed to engage and inspire participants of all ages, with topics ranging from creative writing and storytelling to genealogy and local history. The library's dedicated children's space also offers regular storytelling sessions, arts and crafts workshops, and other activities designed to foster a love of reading and learning in young minds.

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is committed to fostering a sense of community and cultural exchange. It partners with local schools, organizations, and businesses to offer a variety of outreach programs and community events. These events include book fairs, author talks, film screenings, and cultural festivals, providing opportunities for residents and visitors to come together and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Reims.

A Space for Research and Learning

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is not only a repository of knowledge but also a vibrant hub for research and learning. It houses a comprehensive collection of academic resources, including scholarly journals, reference works, and specialized databases, catering to the diverse research needs of students, scholars, and professionals. The library's well-equipped research facilities provide a conducive environment for in-depth study and exploration. Moreover, the library is actively involved in digitization projects, making its vast collection accessible to a wider audience and preserving its cultural heritage for future generations.

The Reading Rooms

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims boasts several reading rooms, each offering a unique and tranquil atmosphere for study and contemplation. The main reading room, located on the ground floor, is a particularly impressive space. With its high vaulted ceiling, stained-glass windows, and rows of wooden bookcases, it exudes an aura of grandeur and scholarship. The wooden tables and comfortable armchairs provide a comfortable and inviting space to immerse oneself in the library's vast collection of books and periodicals.

The Children's Library

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is not only a haven for adults but also a magical place for young minds to explore the world of books and knowledge. The dedicated children's library is a vibrant and inviting space designed to spark the imagination and foster a love of reading in young hearts.

With its colorful décor, comfortable seating, and interactive displays, the children's library is a beloved destination for kids of all ages. They can lose themselves in a world of adventure, mystery, and fantasy as they browse the shelves filled with captivating stories, both classic and contemporary.

In addition to the vast collection of books, the children's library also hosts storytelling sessions, workshops, and educational programs throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for kids to engage with authors, illustrators, and other creative minds, fostering a love of literature and the arts.

The dedicated staff at the children's library is passionate about providing a welcoming and enriching environment for young readers. They are always ready to recommend books, offer assistance, and guide children on their literary journey.

Whether your little ones are just starting to read or are voracious bookworms, the children's library at the Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is a place where they can explore, learn, and grow in a fun and nurturing environment.

The American Corner

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is proud to host an American Corner, a dedicated space that celebrates American literature and culture. This corner houses an extensive collection of books, magazines, and other resources on American history, politics, society, and the arts. Visitors can explore the works of classic American authors, delve into contemporary literature, and discover the latest trends in American culture.

The American Corner also hosts a variety of cultural events and programs throughout the year. These events, which are often organized in partnership with the American Embassy in Paris, include author readings, film screenings, lectures, and workshops. They provide an opportunity for visitors to engage with American culture and learn more about the United States.

The American Corner is a valuable resource for anyone interested in American studies, literature, or culture. It is also a welcoming space for Americans living in or visiting Reims to connect with their home country.

Community Involvement

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is deeply rooted in the local community and actively engages in various initiatives to foster a sense of belonging and promote literacy. Through partnerships with local schools, the library organizes outreach programs, author visits, and reading clubs to encourage a love of reading among young students. The library also collaborates with community organizations to host events, workshops, and exhibitions that celebrate local culture and heritage. By actively participating in community events and initiatives, the Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims strengthens its role as a cultural hub and a vital resource for the people of Reims.

Digital Resources

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims embraces the digital age to expand its reach beyond its physical walls. Its comprehensive online catalog allows users to conveniently search and access information about the library's vast collection. Members can also enjoy the convenience of borrowing e-books and accessing a wealth of e-resources, including journals, databases, and online streaming services.

The library's website also features a digital archive, where visitors can explore digitized versions of rare and valuable manuscripts, historical documents, and photographs. This digital treasure trove offers a fascinating glimpse into the region's rich history and cultural heritage. Whether you're a student conducting research, a history buff, or simply curious about the hidden stories of Reims, the library's digital resources provide a wealth of information and insights at your fingertips.

Exhibitions and Displays

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims hosts a variety of rotating exhibitions and displays throughout the year. These exhibits showcase a wide range of topics, from local history and culture to contemporary art and photography. Visitors can explore the works of local artists, learn about the city's rich heritage, and discover new perspectives on various subjects.

The library also collaborates with local organizations and institutions to present educational displays and interactive exhibits. These displays often focus on scientific discoveries, environmental issues, or historical events. They provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors of all ages, encouraging them to learn and explore in a fun and interactive way.

One of the highlights of the exhibition program is the annual "Salon du Livre de Reims," a book fair that brings together authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts from across the region. The fair features book signings, author talks, workshops, and a wide variety of books for sale. It's a great opportunity to meet local authors, discover new literary works, and celebrate the vibrant literary scene of Reims.

Guided Tours

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims offers guided tours to visitors who wish to delve deeper into its history and collections. These tours are available upon request and can be tailored to suit the interests of different groups. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours provide a fascinating insight into the library's architectural features, its role in the community, and the highlights of its vast collection. Visitors can learn about the library's origins, its neo-Gothic design, and its significance as a symbol of Franco-American friendship. They can also explore the various reading rooms, the children's library, and the American Corner, gaining a deeper understanding of the library's diverse offerings. Whether you're a history buff, a book lover, or simply curious to discover one of Reims' hidden gems, a guided tour of the Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is an unforgettable experience.

Practical Information

The Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims is located at 30 Place Carnegie, in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible by foot or public transportation. It is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, with varying hours depending on the day of the week. Visitors can find more detailed information about the library's opening hours, contact details, and upcoming events on their official website.

Insider Tip

Beyond the grandeur of the Bibliothèque Carnegie de Reims, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. For a serene experience, visit during the off-season or on a weekday morning to relish the tranquil atmosphere. Take time to explore the library's nooks and crannies, where you might find a cozy reading corner or an intriguing display. After your visit, immerse yourself in the local culture by savoring a delicious meal at one of the charming cafes or restaurants in the vicinity. Let the flavors of French cuisine tantalize your taste buds as you reflect on your enriching journey through the world of books and culture.

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